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Unit 484 is affiliated with the American Contract Bridge League (ACBLacbl logo small) which fosters the game of bridge throughout North America.  We are a member of District 20 (D-20 ), one of 23 North American districts under the auspices of ACBL.  Unit 484 is a non-profit organization in Jackson County located in Southern Oregon.  The bridge clubs in our unit run ACBL sanctioned games available for players of all levels in competitive yet friendly and nurturing environments.

Bridge games within Unit 484 are located in the Rogue Valley—home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Britt Festival.  

We have several clubs offering games, excellent bridge instructors, games for players of varying levels and a bridge community of vibrant, interesting players whose goals are to have fun,make friends, improve their bridge, and to bid and make all their slams!


 Let's get acquainted with:


 Kathleen Provence


After she told her boss she played bridge,

Kathleen Provence gets caught in a fib

By Jim Flint

OCT. 2, 2017 — During a job interview between university terms, Kathleen Provence decided to brighten up her list of pastimes to appear more interesting. She mentioned tennis, sailing, and playing bridge—none of which she had done.

When the boss-to-be invited her to play duplicate and discuss the job further over a bite to eat, she had to fake it. It didn’t go well. After the first round, she excused herself and went around the corner, wondering what to do. The director saw her discomfort and after learning her predicament said, “Just do your best, but don’t tell them you don’t know how to play.”

Baptism by fire, indeed.

Provence, 78, grew up the third of seven siblings and had played lots of board and card games as a child. So she had a bit of card sense, despite her zero experience with bridge.

She later confessed to the boss and she’s enjoyed the game ever since, adding to her expertise and becoming a Life Master along the way.

“I told the boss I didn’t know anything about selling computers either (the job she had applied for), but promised I’d learn everything there is to know and work hard.”

She got the job.
As a beginner bridge player, she felt outclassed by everyone at the club. But she jumped over the hurdles, one by one.
“Crawled over them is more like it,” she interrupted, smiling.
Provence plays at the Phoenix clubs as well as at The Manor in Medford. She enjoys many aspects of the game.
“I like the strategy,” she said. “I like to think about the possibilities, what can I pull off. I like the game itself. And I enjoy the people.”
She plays with her husband Don at The Manor. Her frequent partners at the club include Ellie Mitchell, Elsa Sanders, Darlene Best, and Angie Knight.
“We used to play a lot of tournaments,” Provence said. My favorites were in Sacramento and Santa Rosa.”
Like others, she has noticed the aging of the club, the loss of players due to attrition and death. She thinks the beginners’ classes are one good way to attract new players. She also thinks experienced players could invite newcomers to play as partners, helping to build their expertise and interest in the game.
Provence grew up in BrooklynN.Y., where she was graduated from high school. She attended three universities in New York, earning scholarships to St. Joseph’s College and NiagaraUniversity. After time out for work, she finished at PaceUniversity. She went to graduate school at WayneStateUniversity in Detroit and had a career in social work.
They were living in a Santa Rosa suburb when Don announced he wanted to move. He needed a change and suggested Eugene. Kathleen lobbied for Ashland. She won. They now live in Medford in a cottage at The Manor.
She and Don have been married for 30 years. She has a son and Don has a son and a daughter.
One of her big interests besides bridge is reading. She just started William Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair.” She cited “Marco Polo, From Venice to Xanadu,” by Laurence Bergreen as a favorite fun read. Mysteries are her go-to genre.
Next time you see her at the table, you might ask her for a recommendation of a good read. But stay alert at the bridge game. Remember, she knows how to bluff.



Mark McKechnie will be teaching Beginning Bridge classes starting October 4th, 6:30-8:30 PM, at the Jackson County duplicate Bridge Club, 4149 S. Pacific Hwy in Phoenix.

Call 541-944-9886 for further information.




DECEMBER 2, 2017



     ACBL SANCTION #L712484A




 The ACBL now allows NT opening bids to include a singleton, provided it is the A, K, or Q, and the hand contains no other suit of one or two cards. 





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